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GlobalTel, a.s.

About company

GlobalTel, a.s. since 2004 has been an important company focusing on information systems and communication infrastructure for the implementation and development of eGovernment services in the Slovak Republic.

The main projects are the delivery of modules and services for the backbone infrastructure of the integrated state information system - Central Public Administration Portal (UPVS).

Successful projects

  • 2014

    Final implementation of the UPVS project including completion of individual modules, testing, trial operation and putting into proper operation.

    Analytical work for the Electronic Services project of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic - eDemocracy and Open Government (IIS eDOV), processing of necessary analyzes and architectural designs

    Completion of the Information System for Payments and Records of Administrative and Judicial Fees (IS PEP) as a part of the comprehensive E-kolok service in cooperation with Slovenská Pošta and coordination with the Ministry of Finance, final protocol acceptance and putting into regular production operation

  • 2015

    Implementation of works to ensure the integration of third parties to UPVS so that they can properly use its functions and services according to agreed scenarios and integration manual.

  • 2016

    Projects are officially closed, only eDOV is being stabilized. Integration with UPVS is intensifying, users and integrated institutions and organizations are increasing. Extended UPVS support is running.

  • 2017

    The main goal of GlobalTel, a.s. While working on the Slovak market, efforts were made throughout 2017 to implement complex and cost-effective technical solutions designed precisely.


The company has put into practice international certificates of the Quality, IT and Application Security Management System.